Top 10 Best Money Transfer Companies

All Money Transfer Companies are not the same by there service. While some companies work great for smaller transfers, others companies are better if sending large amounts of money. The transaction cost and speed of transfer can also vary considerably, as can the payment and withdrawal methods available. 

But The Global Money exchange companies offer exchange rates that are much better than banks and because they specialize in foreign exchange the process is much more user friendly.  Most of the established currency brokers do not charge a commission and any fee for paying the money to an international beneficiary.

Here we talk about the top 10 Best Global Money Exchange Companies. People need to travel or consider moving abroad to work or do business, international money transfer services have been cropping up all over the world to meet the growing demands to send money internationally or from one country to another and save money in respect of using Local bank transfers. And also this article Impotent for Freelancer.  


Money Transfer

currency ex


  • Exchange Rate Markup: 0.5-2%






  • Exchange Rate Markup: 0.5%




  • Exchange Rate Markup: 1%-1.5%


Money Transfer


  • Exchange Rate Markup: 1.5%







  • Exchange Rate Markup: 1.5%


Remitly Money Transfer


  • Exchange Rate Markup: 1% – 2%


Skrill Money Transfer


  • Exchange Rate Markup: 3.99%

#Ria Money Transfer

ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer

  • Exchange Rate Markup: 0.5% – 2.5%


Xoom Money Transfer


  • Exchange Rate Markup: 2% – 4%


Money Transfer


  • Exchange Rate Markup: 4% – 5%




  • Exchange Rate Markup: 2% – 4%

11. Travelex 12. TorFX 13. Currencies Direct 14. Western Union 15. Walmart 16. PayPal 17. Sharemoney 18. Currency Online

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